Saturday, 24 July 2010

Family Reunion

My uncle's and aunts were bragging about my cakes, so my aunt organising the family reunion asked me to bake the cakes. Ofcourse this was something I wanted to do...

Oh yes, I was really happy that my cousins of 9 and 12 helped out and decorated the cupcakes, don't they look cute?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Beach Volleybal

Today I did something I swore I would never do....
I always told people that I was willing to do a lot, but there was one thing I would never do...

Go to the BEACH in the summer time!

Not that I dislike swimming in the sea, or relaxing and reading and doing absolutely nothing....
I would never say no to that! No unfortenately it's my really sensitive skin... and my head. I can't stand being in the heat for that long. I get a terrible headache.
But today was a historical moment... Simone went to the beach!
My brother and one of my best friends were playing Beach Volleybal in Hoek van Holland.
I love volleybal, I love them... so my boyfriend and I went to see them today.

So I've been putting on jeans, a t-shirt and a lot of sunblock hoping all of that would help me not to get sunburned. And luckily it did help. And even my head was ok at the end of the day.

We cheered we laughed, we had a lot of fun and the breeze was very welcome after a couple of hot days in Rotterdam. My boyfriend (being English) turned temporarily into a German... He started building a mountain of Doom around him until you could only guess where his legs were... kids!!

It was a great day. Coming home was not so great though... when my brother decided to go to the toilet, he forgot there was still a lot of sand inside his swimmingshorts!
So after they all left we could hoover the whole house again...

Oh yes, that was what I didn't like about the beach as well, SAND SAND SAND SAND everywhere!!!!