Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bathing Fairy

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Old car&New car

This is my 'old' car... I bought it 9 years ago. I loved it, it took me everywhere I wanted to go. And although it looks small on the outside... it's huge on the inside! Once you put the seats down you have enough space to go camping in Denmark and take all the stuff you need with you in the car. Or go camping in Luxembourg, this car took me places...
You want to move houses, not a problem.. this baby takes loads of boxes and a fridge on top. In short, I loved this car and it never let me down!
But the sweet 'old' lady was getting old and the older you get, the more money you cost every year. So with pain in my heart I had to say goodbye to this sweet little lady. Luckely my uncle has a garage and he took her in. I know he will take good care of her and let her have a few nice years somehwere in friesland where the grass is still greener then here ;P

And this is the newest lady in our midst. The bigger sister of my 'old' car. She is one year younger, more powerful and bigger.
It now has to travel around with two people in it, and my husband will be driving this one as well.So it's not only my car anymore but now it's: 'ours'.
So goodbye 'old' blue, welcome new blue!
Ladies and gents, our new car:

We have her for two weeks now and we got to know each other a little... haha.. She likes to drive faster then the old one and she is definitely bigger and more powerful. She's also very stuborn, she doesn't like it when we leave the radio on. When we do that, she drains out the battery and refuses to start!

Ah well, when we know each other well enough she will quit that nonsense as well!
And otherwise we'll call the ANWB again!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Cake workshop

Of course, when the cake-decorating-bug bites you...
you want to do it again!
So here it is...

Cakeworkshop with colleagues, part 2 !

See, talented eh?
They did an amazing job and it was a lot of fun!

This one I didn't make during a workshop, but I wanted to post it anyway:

A cake for Marike's birthday!
The marzipane looks this bubbly because there is chocloate-crunch underneath it...
mmmm mmmmm

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weird things

People do weird things...

Can you spot it?? Do you know what I mean??
For weeks I just walk past this house thinking...