Monday, 20 September 2010

A nice day out!

You just need two people, a sunday, and a walk... and you will get a great day out in your own city!!

Since I had to work this saturday, I only had one day weekend this weekend. You may think I want you to feel sorry for me, but that's not the case. Because of this I even appreciated my sunday off even more.
There was an 'end of summer' market near my work and we where there to do some activities with the kids.
What do kids like the most?? That's an easy one to answer... eat cakes and decorate them.
So on friday I baked 60 cupcakes and we decorated them on saturday with the kids. They loved it!

All said and done about the saturday, let's go to the sunday....
Since I had to get up on saturday even earlier then on a normal workday 'me myself and my soon to be husband' decided to stay in bed at least for the whole morning to make sure we slept enough for the rest of the week. Unfortunately our neighbours didn't agree. They decided to start drilling into the ceiling of our balcony at 9 o'clock in the morning. I love my neighbours and we also had several DIY jobs going over the years, so I couldn't be mad at them. So we decided to get up, have breakfast and loads of tea and watch some episodes of our most cherished serie we watch at the moment: "Castle". After having seen the last episodes of season 2 we decided it was time to pretend to do something. That didn't go so well, so we ended up watching a movie of Sherlock Holmes from 1988. After seeing this movie it was time to do something active and get some fresh air while we where at it. So we went for a walk.

Normaly that could be a walk through hour neighbourhood, or a walk at the beach. This time we decided to have a walk alongside the great river that runs through our city. So we climbed the bridge, looked at one of my favorite harbours in Rotterdam (Veerhaven) where great sailingships are docked. And then we went onto the park near the Euromast. When we came closer to the Euromast we saw that people were about to abseil from the Euromast. We also heard people laughing and having fun. This could only mean one thing.... minituregolf!!! We decided to have a go. The first half of the game I was beating my 'soon to be husbands' ass... unfortunately he did mine, the second part of the game. Makes you wonder who won?

Well, it wasn't me!
Definitely have to go back one day to kick his ass!

After the minituregolf we took a watertaxi back to Hotel New York. Sooooooo coooolll!!! I once have been on a rescueboat taking the waves with enormous speed, well this was almost just as cool! The trip was way to short. Ah well, means we'll have to do it again one day !

A great day of fun!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

New beginnings

Yes... I know it's been a while... And again with good reason!
We're so busy at the moment with stuff, that I didn't have time to write on my blog.

But... with a new design (thank you lovely boyfriend) and great big news, it's time for new beginnings!!

May I tell you the best great news ever.... Ladies & Gentleman....

Here it is:

We are getting married, and pretty soon! We are very busy with the preperations for it. And we can't wait till the day is finaly here. We are getting married on the 9th of november 2010!