Sunday, 20 February 2011


Wall-E what are you doing??

Saturday, 12 February 2011

There it is..

I promised you something...

But it's hard to keep a promise when the object you're going to take a photo of is not working!

I was finaly at the other platform, walking towards the 'thing' to make it work. What happened is hilarious... all these weeks of hoping, gone in a second.. it wasn't working. Which one was working? The one on the other platform!! It's starting to become a tradition I suppose! With only 2 minutes on the clock before my train arrived, I didn't have time enough to run to the other platform. This is as far as I got:

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The weirdest things...

When you travel to work every day by train you come across the weirdest things. Also traveling by train is a big adventure in this country. But that's another story.... it's a story about how a trainjourney of normally an hour can turn into 3 hours when it's snowing. And then in the end it took you at least 6 hours to go to work and back home again in the evening.
Anyway... there's been said enough about trains and snow in Holland, let's hope it snows when I don't have to work...because I love snow!

Where was I...? Oh yeah, you come across the weirdest things on your travels to work, this is what I spotted the other day:

You might already have seen it, but it took me by surprise a little...

Any idea what it is?

I wasn't the only one wondering, I must say it was hilarious to see people walking past it en see them trying to figure it out. The thing that made this really funny was, that this one was actually not working. The one on the platform opposite was....

It made me laugh, because people at my platform were determinant to get it working. It must have something to do with jealousy i suppose...
Circling around it, pushing the button. It was a show, a nice show for me in the early mornings.
While the people at the other platform were happy and warm, the people at my platform started to get even more jealous and frustrated. Since i had to wait a while before my train was due to arrive I saw new people arriving and wondering what this weird object was.

Me...? I was sitting on a bench drinking my tea and enjoying the show !

So... any idea what this is??