Thursday, 21 July 2011

Help us sell our place!!house

Dear friends, family, readers in The Netherlands... can you help us out here?
The link bellow is a website we made about our house. If you read this and you know someone who wants to live in Rotterdam... please tell them about our website! Link us on your facebook, twitter etc. If you make this happen and someone you told about this will buy our house, you win a cake!!!

Thank you all so much!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Popcakes second Attempt!!

Made possible by Marianne&Dienke!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


If you would like to see a part of The Netherlands that you have never seen before, I would like to give you an idea. In the north of The Netherlands you will find some islands. They're called "De Waddeneilanden" There are Dutch ones and German ones.
Big ones, small ones. Some of them are famous for their sheep & cranberries, others for there natural enviroments. Some are very touristy-like, others are more for people that look for peace & quiet.

A few weeks ago I went to Schiermonnikoog with my English husband, his mum and dad and my mum and dad. It's one of the smaller islands. When the water is very low, you could even walk from the island to the mainland and vica versa. The village on the island is tiny and has old houses. (from 1700/1800) It's like walking through an open air museum. The little shops are adorable and there is even an old fashion candyshop! The boattrip is also an event itself. If you ae lucky (and we were on the way back) you will spot some seelions. A great day out, even when it rains!!!

One of the other islands that I can recomment as well is Ameland. It's a bit bigger and has on either side a little village. If you want to go more touristy-like you can visit Terschelling or Texel.

Have fun exploring a different part of The Netherlands.

Low water? You can walk to the mainland. It's going to take you hours and you will get wet! Don't do the walk without a guide. When the water comes in again you're in big trouble!!