Thursday, 21 July 2011

Help us sell our place!!house

Dear friends, family, readers in The Netherlands... can you help us out here?
The link bellow is a website we made about our house. If you read this and you know someone who wants to live in Rotterdam... please tell them about our website! Link us on your facebook, twitter etc. If you make this happen and someone you told about this will buy our house, you win a cake!!!

Thank you all so much!!


  1. What a brilliant initiative Simone!! I'll do my best to help! :) Your flat is lovely....I can vouch for that. Apart from the fact it is so well maintained and decorated it is ready to move into, one of its best features is that the bathroom and toilet are not right next to the kitchen as they are in many apartments in Rotterdam. It also has concrete floors, which means your neighbours are not 'in your face' all the time. I reckon it's an excellent buy!

  2. :D Thanks Vally! We'll see... at least it gives a good feeling to put our house out there like this. Hopefully it pays off! ;P

  3. @ VallyP
    Copy that!