Monday, 18 January 2010

Ladybird, cake baking...

Can we make a cake? My friends asked me...

Well this is the result. A ladybird, of course...

Since a year or so I have a new hobby. I love to bake cakes, but it has become worse! Now I also like to decorate them.

So the question my friends came up with, wasn't a weird one. They have been the victims of my cake baking and forced to eat it and gain on weight for the last year or so. So it was only fair to them that they could have a chance them selfs of decorating one.

Last Thursday was cake-day! The girls were giggling and full of expectation and they looked like they were seven again. Ah well I know that feeling! So after filling the cake with the most delicious things in the world we moved on to coloring the marzipan. They underestimated that! That's hard work! hihi... Then the scary bit... putting the marzipan over the cake...if that goes wrong, goodbye cake! But it went well and after that the fun part came. Decorating!!!!!!

Since I can't eat all the cakes I bake, I decided to bake one for friends we were planning to visit on Saturday. Since they have kids, it had to be a ladybird... (and a little butterfly...)

The cakes the girls decorated!

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