Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Well....this is me!
And I'm very happy today :D

I already told you that I'm a trained teacher and that I'm looking for something else in life right now. That's still what's happening at the moment. And while I look everywhere, in every corner, for what's new in life... my boyfriend does the hard work and goes out of bed every morning, early, to go to work. Someone has to make sure there will be bread on the table right?? My boyfriend loves his work and he loves me even more... that's why he travels for hours every day to go to work. Simply because he loves me. Just because he wants to be with me. Isn't that great? Isn't that amazing?

Ah where was I?? Oh yes... well... me being at home at the moment, me not working, has a lot to do with my boyfriends daily commute. Since I love him, since I simply want to be with him... I decided to quit my job. That must sound a bit odd, maybe even a bit stalker-ish. No, the reason why I quit my job is, because we want to move. We want to move closer to where my boyfriends work is.

So now im busy trying to sell our house, in the meantime apply for jobs close to where we want to live... looking for a new house.... doing laundry, cleaning, hovering... Actually, Im surprised how busy you can be when you have no job at all! I must say... I absolutely do not dislike it :D

So now I have some job interviews lining up... I had a word with the real estate agent, I did some baking... and best of all... I said goodbye to my old colleagues.

And now im coming back to where I started...
Im happy today!
Because last night was a great night. I had my "Goodbye party" at work and we had FUN! Especially for me they hired two guys from "Pluk de dag" (a theatre group that gives workshops in improv). It was really funny. In the end we had to battle. It was great fun.
After some sweet words from my former colleagues I had to go... And it was good... it was the right thing to do...
Im so ready to do something else and take the next step. Being a teacher in the big city for 9 years was great... now it's time for something else!!

So now Im looking for a job... and baking...and cleaning...and relaxing...and selling a house...

WOW Im busy!!!!!!

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  1. When I heard Mr. Invader Stu lived in Rotterdam, I wondered where you teach since I remembered that his girlfriend was a teacher. I am teaching English in a couple of Dutch primary schools.

    But now Invader Stu isn't going to live in Rotterdam anymore and you don't teach any more, the world as I knew it is falling apart! *sob*

    P.S. Your cakes are amazing!