Thursday, 13 May 2010

New shoes... but who's going to wear them?

I'm a Woman... I love new shoes...
These are my new ones....
Aren't they adorable?

But on who's feet do they look more gorgeous,
mine or Stu's?


  1. They ARE cute shoes! I hate buying shoes... I hate breaking them in. I'd pay 10 euro for a pair of shoes and wear them 10 years if I can! haha

    They ARE cute though! But, umm... I couldn't tell which feet belonged to whom!

    Does he have really small feet or do you have big ones? I think I could put my feet, shoes and all, into my husband's shoes! I'll never used the big boned excuse, that's for sure.

  2. That's a touch one Simone. I'm guessing Stu was the one wearing socks...very British thing to do, so I think I should say they look better without, and therfore on you...hope I'm right??

  3. @Breigh: Thank you so much! These were 19 euro's at V&D and I could walk on them for the whole evening without getting sore feet. Isn't that amazing? Stu and I have the same size shoes. Im a tall Dutch lady and he's being British, that's why I guess :D haha...
    I was wondering... did I maybe bump into you last Wednesday? I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend of mine when we walked to the station, later on I thought... "He we passed a girl with a little dog on the pavement on our way to the station... could that have been Tammy?" I was realizing it when we were almost there. But maybe I was wrong?

    @Vally: you made me laugh so hard...("a British thing to do") the people on the train probably thought somethings wrong with me. Yes you are right...the 'sock feet' are ofcourse Stuarts!!!
    hihi... we have the same shoe size, and since he's Stuart and being British and all...he likes the joke too and doesn't mind me posting this :D

  4. Hee hee...well you know it takes one to know one and I'm British too ;-)
    I'm very glad I made you laugh, though! I was hoping that would be the effect...and on Stu too ;-D

  5. Hrmm no I don't think that was me, if you see me out dog walking I'll usually have two with me. I have a great idea for us to figure out who each other is though, we should all get together some evening! Seeing as we're still neighbours and all! :)

  6. oops I replied to the wrong comment

  7. @Breigh: I don't think you did! Haha... I think you responded to my comment up here.. Let's see if we can spot eachother first haha!!! So a girl with two dogs?? Then you'll have to look for a girl and boy with ginger hair! If that doesn't work, maybe we should meet up ;P !