Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer in Amsterdam

I know... it's been a couple of weeks, but with good reason.
We spend last couple of weeks in Amsterdam house-sitting for friends.
No time for blogging unfortunately.
So... a quick one now and hopefully a decent one soon!!

While we were in Amsterdam, we had to work as well.
But since work is in Amsterdam & Haarlem it was closer by and we had a lot of time to enjoy summer in Amsterdam.

Summer in Amsterdam is great!
Walks in the moonlight alongside the canals... a silly boattour trough the canals.
Visiting Tuschinsky and walk home after the movie.
Biking around and have lunch with your boyfriend!
Having dinner with friends and bike home instead of going home by train.

It was great...

Now back to normal life and normal blogging I supose!

Kiki wraps & Tuschinski theatre...


  1. Sounds like you've had a grand time in the Dam. Rotters will seem very dull by comparison ;-(

  2. @Vally: But great people life in Rotterdam and our home is here!!! See you soon!