Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sweet sixteen

Sweet sixteen cake for Josefien

Inspired by PiP-studio


  1. You are such a talent. You should be doing this for a living and not just for love! Beautiful, Simone!!

  2. Yes Vally, but I also have to keep loving it ;P If I do this for work I prob don't like it as much anymore or get a creative block. So when you, Koos, Stu & me dinner????

  3. This gorgeous cake is so bright and pretty - I hope Josefien loved it (I certainly do).

    Sending care and huggles from New Zealand,

    Michelle and a madly purring Zebby Cat

  4. Thank you Michelle! She did like it! And she wants me to make her sweet sixteen party cupcakes as well in january... if it is within her budget ofcourse ;) So maybe in january 60 cupcakes, that will be fun!
    Say hi to Zebby Cat for me ;P