Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sweet sixteen part 2

Sweet sixteen@Josefien & her friend...

Girls helped decorating themselves, which means lots and lots of glitters!!!
It was fun, it's a shame I forgot my proper camera,
the photos don't do them justice.
Happy the girls helped out... 60 cupcakes is a lot!!


  1. Beautiful, Simone. Your talent should be shared everywhere! Lots of love to you and Stu xxx

  2. I can't believe they are real!!!Fantastic job!!!
    Make a tutorial for all of us!!!

  3. Thank you Miss Poppy!
    I didnt make them myself, I just helped out and gave ideas.
    I dont know about a tutorial ;P thats giving away my secrets :D !!! haha... who knows, maybe one day!
    Thanks for stopping by... your blog looks great... but I cant read or speak greec :(
    thanks again for your lovely comment!