Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunday boat trip

Rotterdam has a lot to offer.
We already knew that, but we do experience it more and more...
Two weeks ago it was a great spring day. It was sunday and we had some time to relax. We decided to end our special relax day on the "Berenboot"
If you live in Rotterdam or somewhere near, you must know the
"Beren restaurants".
You can find them everywhere in Rotterdam and some places close to Rotterdam. It's gezellig, the food is reasonably prised and nice. Good when you dont feel like cooking :D
When you have some soft teddy bears that need a new home you can bring them to the Beer Restaurants, they are happy to take them in. All the restaurants are packed with Soft toys (bears) And every beer restaurant has it's own Bear name, like; Betty Beer, Brutus Beer etc. There's even a Bezorgbeer that dellivers the Beer food on your doorstep. The guy that will knock on your door, has a Bearheadhelmet on, seriously :D

Since it was great weather and we already wanted to do this for a long time, we went to the Berenboot. Normaly you'll have to make a reservation, but we we're lucky... there was one table left on the boat. The boat leaves at 5pm 0r 8 pm and it takes you through the harbour of Rotterdam in about 2 1/2 hours. During this nice boatride a buffet is served and you can eat as much as you want. After the buffet there's also a nice dessert. It was a fun trip on a sunny sunday evening. We can really recommend it!

Make a reservation on this website, and try it... it's fun!
(and not that expensive :D)

I shouldn't spoil the surprise, but it's too great not to share this with you....
There's this sort of 'dancefloor' when you get on to the boat.
When dinner starts, the floor starts moving and a real buffet appears in the middle of the boat. Brilliant!
I hope you will try this... it's so much fun!
If you are more into pancakes... next to this boat in de Parhaven in Rotterdam is the pannenkoekboot docked. Have fun!


  1. Oh I really want to go on that boat someday! Also the Spiesenboot!

  2. Oh this sounds really fun!! And so cute!! Now I want to go there soon!! :D

  3. Did you got a free meal if you wrote a blog about it... A wonderfull commercial for the berenboot your blog! ;-)

  4. @Tammy, spiesenboot? I know the pannenkoekenboot, tapasboot, berenboot, speedo...but I never heard of the spiesenboot!?
    @Aledys Ver, It is a lot of fun!
    @Dienke, No... maybe I should get one for free :D

  5. Looks as great as it sounded when you told us about it. By the way, if you'd like to see something of our country hideaway as it was today, take a look at my special blog. I'll send you an invite to it xx