Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A great weekend in the countryside of Holland

My husband has a new hobby...
He discovered our camera and what you can do with it.
I'm afraid I will not see that camera again!

We were invited to the lovely home of Vally&Koos in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We spent a great weekend with them. It was a relaxing, entertaining and fun musical weekend. We walked & talked, sailed, played music and took loads of photos

Vally&Koos thanks for a great weekend!

Here you can see some of the 350 photos we took :D

This is me... or at least my ear...
As i said, my husband has a new hobby...

Since I lost the camera to my husband,
Koos was so kind to let me use one of his camera's

We sailed on the Hennie H and had a real Hennie H experience...

Vally showed me how to play a mandoline, it was fun!

I played around with B&W photos and worked on grey scales..


  1. Yay! Does this mean I am getting two new photo buddies? :)

  2. It was good, wasn't it? :) Is Citizen Stu pleased with his results?

  3. Oh yes he is :D Also about the driving! I think I lost the first right of the camera AND the car now :P
    It was really good and gezellig!
    We'll sort out the photos of the Hennie H and send them to you this week.

  4. Oh yes. I had a lot of fun with the camera and with the driving... Hmmmm... I just had an idea. I should try taking photos 'while' driving. I bet that would be extra fun and perfectly safe :p