Monday, 19 September 2011

Lego Creationary

I'm soooo proud!!!

Look at this:

We are introduced to a new way of playing games.
Lego Creationary.
It's fun... it's creative and something new. No oldfashion Risk,
Ticket to ride, cardgames..
No, with this everybody can join in and play.

We were visiting our friends a couple of weeks a go and were introduced to
LEGO Creationary.
When we're at their place we usualy end up playing games, this time was no exception. This time their daughter of 8 introduced us to this game.
It was a laugh! The fun thing is that everybody can join in.
I'm so proud of my creations... they knew instantly what it was!!
HIHI.. How much fun you can have with lego!?


  1. I belonged to the Meccano age and was quite envious when Leggo was introduced, alas if only I had been born 10 years later sob, sob :(

  2. Omg, don't let Xander see this, he always wants to play it and I say no because I get bored sitting there waiting for people to build :P

    I vote for ticket to ride! haha

  3. @The husband, mmmhmmm maybe ;P

    @A Heron's view, :) My dad also loved mecano. He had a big box from his own childhood...we always played with that as well. For his 60th birthday we gave him a mecano locomotive... he was the happiest man alive! There's even an electrical motor in it. :)
    @Tammy, I know.... but I also had to show off ofcourse ;P We played it the kidsproof (and Xander...hihi) version...everybody builts at the same time and you don't have too long to create something. Hope to see you soon!! We can play Ticket to ride...or one of the other games you guys haven't played yet :)