Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stained glass

I'm soooo proud of myself
My self made stained glass window!


  1. You have done well! It looks a very nice window

  2. Beautiful, Simone! Well done!!

  3. @ A Heron's View; thank you so much.
    @VallyP; Thank you Vally! I wish I could do more courses there. But unfortunately the school has to stop giving them, because they won't get any more subsidie :(
    How are you?? When are we going to meet up? :D

  4. Glas-in-lood... my father in law started it a while ago. He was fascinated abot the material, tools, "books with recipes", everything. But then he stopped, becasue it was very time consuming. Then I guess he is not a perseverant person... You made it right, starting with something simple. Are you ready for Tiffany style now ? Insects and flowers, art-nouve style !!!

  5. @Anita: No i'm not ready for Tiffany. This was already difficult enough :D But I really enjoyed it, unfortunately the school had to stop giving courses. It was great though!