Friday, 19 February 2010

It's been a while...

Hello everybody.... It's been a while!!!
I'm so sorry, but i've been busy with all sorts of things.
Baking, traveling, job interviews, real estate agents... But here's an update!

While I was busy talking to real estate agents for selling our apartment... the police discovered that one of the neighbors in our apartment building decided to grow weed. Normally you would think... 'a well happens everywhere!' But it's not convenient when you want to sell your place around the same time. The thing is... they put a big sign up, saying: "Weedbust!!"
As long as that sign is up there it's going to be pointless for us to put our house on sale.
So now we have to wait, and wait...and....wait. Because after phoning up the city council, I found out that the only person that can enter that house is the owner. Sounds ok to me...although unfortunately the guy that owns the place is also the guy that grew the plants! He has to go to the council, pick up the new keys to his apartment and get the sign off himself. Not likely to happen soon.... So selling our house is not an option at the moment :s
We'll have to wait and see what happens and maybe change our plans a bit...

In the meantime there's also happy news! I got myself a new job...yay!!! I'll start on the 1st of March. The job is where we would like to move that's great news. I will have to travel a lot to get there at the moment. But I don't mind. I'll have to see how that will go. It's a commute of 1 1/2h. So let's say 3 hours a day... But hopefully not for long. The good thing about it is that I can pick up my reading again. Reading books on the train... because I still have a big pile of books I didn't have the chance yet to read. I'm going to work at a care center for kids of 4-12 after school. They really wanted to have me....and i'm curious to see if I will like this work :D It's a tiny bit different to teaching, and I'll earn a lot less... but we'll see!

We've just been to England for a few days for a family visit. Unfortunately my boyfriends Nan died recently, so we had to go there for her funeral. Not the nicest reason to visit my boyfriends home country, but good to be there. After the funeral we went to a pub to have a drink with the family. It was Nan's favorite pub and she would have wanted us to go there for a drink in her honor. After that, we stayed in a hotel for the night, and the next day we traveled back to Holland. The nice thing about this visit was to see that my boyfriends parents where doing fine. We had our worries, since my boyfriends mum was in the hospital for a while not feeling so well. But they were both feeling OK and that was a big relief! In a few weeks time they will come over to Holland to visit the Keukenhof and then we can have dinner with them one evening. That would be great!

As you already found out probably... I love baking!!
So after looking forward to this for months the day of the workshop "modeling marzipan figures" arrived!! I had waited for this so long, because the lady that gives these workshops is booked all the time. She makes such great thing that she could easily be called one of the Guru's in cake baking in Holland. So finally the day of the workshop arrived. Unfortunately that day it started snowing again really badly. The roads weren't brilliant, but I had to go. i've been looking forward to this for months!!! So I made my way there carefully... I left 2 hours before the workshop started. So I was there 45 minutes to early. Waiting in the car.... walking around a bit... but it was way to cold! After a cup of tea, and of course a piece of cake... we started the workshop. And this is the result!!!

I'm so happy with the result!!! It was so much fun to do and I learned some new things as well. It was a great evening. If you would like to see what else she does check her website: Her name is Wendy and I love what she does!!!


  1. Wow, wow, wow !! Great work, keep practicing. I love baking too, although I do not have a sweet tooth. I just prefer other flavours and tastes...

  2. @Anita: Thank you! Well that's the problem with me as well... i like almost everything :D