Friday, 26 February 2010

Bread & Stroopwafelcake

Yay!! I baked my first bread! Since i've got the automatic mixer from my old job, i'm baking like crazy! So i've baked myself a bread, and a lovely "Stroopwafelcake" and it turned out really nice :D I'm happy with the result.

Earlier this week I also baked a carrotcake... that one was brilliant!! Thanks mum-in-law for the book with the recipe. My mum liked it as well. My boyfriend... he loved it!

So let's see what he thinks of my bread and cake when he comes home....

Carrot cake


  1. I'm always happy to help with the tasting

    - The boyfriend

  2. Thinking about the stroopwafelcake makes my mouth water, and carrot cake is to me almost like heaven :-)

  3. @A touch of Dutch.... I know what you mean...and i was the lucky one baking it AND eating it!!
    Thanks for your comment, have a great weekend!