Thursday, 4 March 2010

Baking & working

On Monday I started my new job. I'm working now as an after school 'teacher'. So I take care of the kids till their parents come to pick them up. It's a fun job. My colleagues are really great, nice parents and the kids are really sweet. The kids here are so different from the kids at my old school. It's a bit of a culture shock haha...Not that the kids at my old job weren't sweet, they were... but really different. So yes I had fun last couple of days. On Monday my boyfriend and I decided we had at least 15 reasons for celebrating, so we went out for dinner. *smile* *smile* isn't life great? *smile* *smile*

On Wednesdays I have the day off, and this is what me and one of my friends did:

My friends clown & my love (birds) elephants

As you probably read, some weeks ago I made a marzipan cupid in a workshop for modeling. You can see the photo of this cupid in a post of mine. (scroll down)
It was so much fun, that I asked a friend of mine to join me last night in trying to make something else nice for a cake. Because that's the whole idea...this will be put on a cake later on. Of course I'll show you those pictures later!
It's fun to do... it does take up a lot of time... But with the music playing...loads of tea and fun & 'gezelligheid'... time flies!


  1. Have fun in Poland

  2. I've thought of a lot more reasons since then so we have to go back again later

  3. Once again, Simone, your creations are beautiful! Real works of art...I can't bear to think someone would eat them....! Ooops, I'm on Sindy's's me Vally P xx

  4. Oh, I love the olifanten! So cute! Very well done, too!

  5. @all: thank you so much! It's really nice and relaxing to do this :D