Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Baking & house....

Yay!! Finally our house is for sale!
That's the good news of today.
I'm really pleased with it.
Now we would like someone, that likes our house,
and then we can move closer to work.

The other good news of today is that i finally made a cake
that goes with the lovely elephants I made two weeks ago.

And this is the result:


  1. I look forward to trying it tomorrow :D

  2. Hello, I just came across your blog and I must say its a lovely blog. Nice to know another fellow blogger in NL. The cake looks delicious by the way!

  3. @Orangesplaash... thank you so much :D I like your blog too. Fun to read. We're going to give the cake to friends of ours tomorrow, special occasion, there's chocolate and caramel in it...hopefully it tastes good as well :D
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is the cutest thing ever!! How do you eat something like that though? I'd make it and then slap anyone who tried to cut into it haha
    I'd love to learn to decorate cakes. I'm not so great in the kitchen and just made my first cheesecake yesterday. I do enjoy artsy craftsy things though. I think I'd probably enjoy decorating a cake someone else baked :P

    I really want to learn to use that fondant because I want to make a Lego cake for my husband for his birthday in Nov. Sort of like what is peeking out of the bottom of this wedding cake:
    A normal round cake but with the fondant made to look like it's all stacked Lego :)

  5. @Breigh: That cake looks great :D
    It's not as difficult as it seems. For the lego cake you'll have to practice a lot of course. But the basics 'learning how to make' these cakes isn't so difficult.
    There are little 'youtubes' all over the internet to show you. And there are great books. My favorite is: The home guide to cake decorating-Jane Price

    Today I'm giving the elephant cake to one of our friends, and yes... we are going to eat it! WE'LL LEAVE THE ELEPHANTS IN ONE PIECE :D ("no harm was done to any animal"). You could, but you can always keep it for months as a decoration. Until it will fall apart. It's eatable, but I put some tylose in it so it is strong enough to be modeled with. It becomes stronger and hard.

    Stu always likes to be my "testing rabbit" (proefkonijntje) ;P with cakes :D

  6. Beautiful Simone. You have a real talent and a creative gift! Will we see some of your art in a couple of weeks?

  7. @Vally: you probably will :D Hopefully you can taste it as well :D

  8. Stu has an enviable job as proefkonijntje! ;)

    That really is a work of art that you've made!

  9. @Alison: Thank you so much :D
    Oh yes, Stu loves to be proefkonijn :D

  10. I am impressed. Which course did you follow ?

  11. @Anita: Thank you :D
    Not really a course... An ex-colleague of mine is really good at this, she showed me the basics of filling the cake and decorating it with marzipan. The modelling I learned by doing one evening workshop. If you look at one of my earlier post you can see the cupid I made then...
    It's just fun to do this and experiment :D

  12. What a tasty blog. I must remember to only visit after a meal.

    Congrats on putting up the house for sale- I don't know what it is like in the Netherlands, but here, once you make that decision (which we did last year in January and sold about 7 weeks later), it means you have to commit to being ridiculously clean during all the showings. It drove me mad. The house we bought had a mum and her two sons,and she sold it to us after 2 days on the market, partly I'm sure because the idea of keeping her boys neat and tidy was beyond hope! Good luck with the sale.


  13. @Anne-Marie: thank you! Well we'll have to see about the the moment it can take a while. But we have good hopes, in fact you only need 1 person that wants to buy it. So it would be nice if that person comes along soon... ;D
    I know about the cleaning! Hopefully I don't have to be so committed for to long!

  14. I came to your blog via Anita's blog. Where do you want to live after you sell your apartment?

    Loved your cakes :D

  15. @Jaboticaba Preta: Welcome! We would like to move to the lovely city of Haarlem. Do you know anyone who would like to live in Rotterdam ;P ?