Wednesday, 14 April 2010


What to read now??

A while back I wrote a post about the "His dark materials" series.
Three books, great story... the first book filmed.
Maybe you remember me being really enthusiastic about the books?
Well I still am.
The first book was the strongest one, the second one got me thrilled as well...
until the end. It started to become a bit of a drag.
That was still going on in book three...
Still a great story, but difficult to stay focused.
The end was really strong though.
All the story lines come together beautifully. So I have no regrets reading it.

But what shall I read now?

Since it was my birthday last week,
I've more books for my already existing pile of books.
A pile of books always makes me happy, but It's also hard to choose from.
The question is... what kind of book would I like to read now?
I like a lot of different categories.
By choosing one of those first, I'll narrow it down and the choice will be much easier...

So now I'm left with a question, will I choose...

a) Thriller
b) Fantasy
C) Chick flick
d) Novel
e) Literature

I just finished a fantasy series, so b will have to go.
I still have that great thriller my boyfriend gave me for Christmas...
but I don't think I feel for a thriller at the moment. It will be easier to take with me on my journeys to work, because it's not so big and heavy,
but that can't be a reason for me to read it right now.
So I'm left with either a Chick Flick, Novel or Literature...

Mhmmm.... if I read a Chick Flick, I'll finish it probably in a week and then I don't have to decide on the other categories right now....
and maybe I'll feel for a thriller then? Appealing thought, I have to say!
The title of the book also sounds funny enough to give me a legitimated reason for choosing it.

Friends, lovers and other indiscretions by Fiona Neill

I think we got ourselves a winner here!
Oh yes, and the weather is also suitable for these kind of books :P

Pfffhhhiew, that was a difficult thing to decide!
And I did a great job of coming up with arguments to read a Chick Flick *ahum*

Lets see how great it actually is!


  1. So nice to have such a choice, hey?

  2. It's good to have choices from different styles depending on your mood. I hope you enjoy this one!

  3. I think I might have made a mistake...
    It's not as much fun as I hoped it would be...
    But who knows...I'm not even half way yet!! :D

  4. I just read a great book called "The Heart Specialist" and really enjoyed it!

  5. @Matt, Kara... Thank you for that! Always good to now about books people enjoyed. Maybe I'll try this one one day :D First I'll have to read all the other books :D haha!!