Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Taking down decorations...

I'm having trouble taking my decorations down...
After a few weeks of birthdays in my family and a lot of baking, it feels weird to take it down. It's the same thing with Christmas decorations.
When I take it down, I'll have to wait a whole year again!

Springtime is a busy time in my family with birthday celebrations. So is December.
The rest of the year it's less busy.
Luckily my sister will make sure that will change if her baby will stick to plan and be there somewhere in September.
In December it's my fathers, Sinterklaas, brother and boyfriends birthday.
In March my sister and boyfriends dad celebrate their birthday.
In April it's my turn, my brother in law, boyfriends mum and my own mum. And I haven't even counted in all the uncle's, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues....
Busy time a year it is! Especially since everybody discovered my cakes.

I don't mind baking, I love it! But I have to say it was a bit busy lately. My aunts and uncles all of a sudden invite me to their birthdays as well. Is it because of me or my cakes?
But what will I do with my spare time? I just cleaned the whole house, so... what am I going to do?

It sounds like I have a lot of spare time now... haha... that is not completely true.
As you probably know I started my new job 2 months ago. I used to be a trained teacher (still am of course) but after nine years working as a teacher I wanted something else. Since we want to move and life somewhere else, this was a good opportunity to switch careers. Of course I wanted to keep on working with kids, so nowadays I work with kids after school. We take care of the kids until their parents come to pick them up. Kids in the age of 4-12.

I really like my new job. The kids are really sweet and I have two great new colleagues. They made me feel 'at home' immediately. Last Monday I had an evaluation of my first two months. And they are really happy with me. So happy, that they want me to work with the youngest kids as well. They need someone for one day, so probably that will be me. I'm really looking forward to work with the youngest kids a.k.a. babies & toddlers. We'll see if I still like it after changing another diaper.

I'm also doing a course at the moment. I didn't end my trial months yet, and already taking part in a course !! It's about difficult kids. Not difficult because they where spoiled, or have a bad home situation, but kids who are difficult because it's something from within they can't help. It's mainly about kids with an autistic handicap. Very interesting.

So yes, I am keeping myself busy.

And next month I am going to work more as well! With babies!

These kind of things make me think I have enough to celebrate life for at the moment;
I have an amazing boyfriend, nice job, it's springtime, best friends pop by for tea & chat...
I think enough reasons to keep the decoration going for a while! It looks way to 'gezellig'!

So I decided; I'm not going to take it down yet!!


  1. I like your thinking Simone! Definitely reasons to celebrate.I agree with the praise for the boyfriend too. He's one in a keep those decorations going all year. It's a reflection of your lovely cheerful personality xx

  2. Relax ! My husband's aunt finds Christmas tree and the whole decoration soooo gezellig that she keeps it up to Queen's Day.

  3. LAdybird...and butterfly25 April 2010 at 13:52

    @Anita: ohhhhh, so i'm not THAT weird?? :D