Monday, 12 April 2010

Birthday 2010, High tea 2

My birthday! Oh dear, Im turning into an old lady... 31!!!!

Birthday cupcakes for the kids at work

High tea for my birthday

One more cake to bake this week for my mums birthday. After that a little break please! Haha....


  1. Hey if you are an old lady what am I? I'll be 35 next month :P
    I was telling Stu that we went by your place yesterday on the way to take some photos of the marathon. We joked about ringing your bell and 'Invading Stu', had I known all those delicious things were in there I may have actually done it! :P

  2. You! Old! You still look about 25 to me! And the cakes were a sight to see, even if they were half gone by the time we arrived. You are such a talented lady...and you'll never be old!

  3. @Stu: You are not objective ;P

    @Breigh: Haha, wouldn't that have been hilarious?
    How was the Marathon? I completely missed it this year, because of preparations for the Tea Party

    @Vally: Ok, ok... 25 it is from now on then :D hihi... Well I'm happy you liked the cakes. Now you tasted them for real, instead of drooling over some pictures of cakes! :D It was great to see you and Koos again. I love the socks and I'll definitely will start reading your book sometime soon. We'll have to have a dinner party some time soon as well! Would be lovely.

  4. Happy (belated) birthday! Those cakes all look so beautiful and delicious! I particularly like the daisy cake.

  5. @oranjeflamingo: Thank you! It tasted good as well ;P