Thursday, 8 April 2010

After a couple of days of hard work....
hoping the paint would be dry before it starts raining again...
help from mum and dad...
this is the result!!

We can sail again!! Yesterday it was great weather, me and my brother were tempted to give it a go... but there was no wind... and first we had to get the boat ready.
Mast up, sail... After that, the day was gone in a flash.
But! We can sail now, woehie!!! Hope we'll keep this great weather for a while!

There she goes... our lady... back to the water where she belongs!!


  1. Wow, she looks gorgeous! Well done you guys. I can't believe I forgot to ask YOU about this yesterday ;-)Great work indeed. You're ready to said before we are. I sometimes wish we had a newer boat, but don't tell Koos ;-)

  2. @Vally: I wont tell Koos. But yes doesn't she look lovely? I wish we had more time to take her out for the day... but I know those weekends will come very soon!