Monday, 31 May 2010

I'm shocked!

I'm shocked!

We had an amazing weekend, but still... I'm shocked!
Who can come up with this?

It all started great! Me and my lovely boyfriend went to see my cousin and her husband and two lovely girls. They normaly are in beautiful Friesland, this time we could find them in Groningen. Not the city Groningen, but the Groningen area. To be more precise... Jipsingboertange. You must have heard of this place. It has at least 3 houses, hihi... !!

Groningen is a lovely part of The Netherlands, and the last couple of years I have started to apreciate it even more. My cousin has the cutest cottage there on a campingsite. She invited me and my boyfriend to stay with them for a weekend, so we decided to Invade Jipsingboertange.

The first day we had a great day, walking through the woods. The kids loved it as well, so did my boyfriend. We enjoyed the lovely weather and were surprised that we were so lucky with it. Weatherforcast wasn't so great for this weekend. After playing in the "speeltuin" with the two lovely girls, great dinner, amazing 80ties movie, briliant romantic walk on a dark campingsite with my boyfriend, it was time to sleep.

This part was the part I wasn't looking forward to. My cousin had told me that the mice loved this place as well. Mice are ok, but not running around me when I'm sleeping on the floor! My lovely Stuart Little had promised me that he would protect me from any mouse invasion that would take place during the night, but once his head touched his pillow he was snorring like a happy kid. As far as I know, no mouse invaded... but it wasn't my best night of sleeping either! The next morning we had an early breakfast, because of course a 2 and 3 year old are not going to let you sleep till oh let's say... at least 8?

But the day started really nice. A gezellig breakfast, two very awake girls... 4 sleepy adults, great start of the day! The only thing was that it was raining cats and dogs. So we spend most of the morning in the little cottage, watching the snorkels and smurfs, sesamestreet. It was great! But we also wanted to go out and enjoy the area of Groningen. When it stopped raining we made our way to our cars and drove off to Ter Apel, to have a look at the amazing old monestry and have a walk in the old forrest.

When we arrived at the monestry we had a walk around it. It looked amazing. I made some pictures and we were enjoying the view. Until..............

And this is really true!
We saw a woman with her trousers down, sitting on the grass outside the monestry, where everybody could see her, pee-ing!!! I was shocked, we were all shocked! WHAT THE ???

I have to say, I'm all for pee-ing in nature. When you really have to go and there are no toilets... please, I insist... water the plants... But go at least somewhere private! Behind the bushes, a tree? But this! She was sitting in the middle of the field, no trees, bushes... nothing.... Her kid was standing next to her and her husband was 10 steps away with another kid. Great example!

After this we had a short walk in the forrest next to the monestry. Unfortunately we couldn't go for a long walk because there was a lot of rain waiting for us to surprise us. We ran back to the car and spend the rest of the afternoon in our lovely little cottage!


  1. You should have taken a photo of peeing lady, then maybe she'd learn to go somewhere a little more private! :)

  2. @Breigh: I know!!! I was flabergasthed. I forgot! First we were thinking, is she wearing really light trousers? Oh no... it's her naked butt!!!

  3. Hee! I was also waiting for a photo of the peeing woman. ;) I'm glad the rest of the scenery was pretty, at least!

    I think I would have had trouble sleeping with the threat of mice running around. I like mice, but not in my bed!

  4. I would have been shocked a few years ago, Simone, but since I've lived in the Oude Haven, nothing shocks me anymore. You'd be amazed at what people will do right in front of you when they've had a few too many beers. Not unusual at all for me to come out late at night to let Sindy out and see a row of men with their dongles dangling over the side of the water right in front of me. I've even seen the odd female behind perched over the edge too! Some people have no sense of decency ;-p

    Still, glad you enjoyed the rest of your weekend, and the mice left you alone! That' one thing we don't have on boats, but do have in our cottage as well least they stay in one room though!

  5. Hi, there! First timer visiting your blog! :o)
    Groningen has very beautiful places! Really worth exploring. I hadn't heard of the monastery at Ter Apel, it looks really nice - you've given me an idea for a weekend daytrip!
    What an incredible story about the lady (well... lady.... doing her thing right there, where everyone could see her!! I would've told her something, I think!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I've lurked on your blog before ;)
    I love groningen- such a cool area. Not sure how I'd react to that woman peeing. What the...?

  7. @oranjeflamingo: I didn't sleep thát great! I was keeping an eye open for the mice. My cousin said she didn't see them that year... but still, you never know! The biggest mouse was laying next to me, snorring like hell!
    @Vally: It must be terrible sometimes, I went dancing at the cafe near you for years... it can be pretty bad out there during the night because of those very drunk people.
    @Aledys Ver: Thanks for stopping by, Groningen is great! Ever been to Friesland, Drente..? Ah well NL has great places to visit!
    @Kerryanne: Thanks for Lurking ;) And writing and commenting this time! You know what it is with that woman... we were just thinking all the time... did we see that right???? And then the moment passed....

  8. Hoi Si !
    Wow. No pics ?
    Well, I do not get so shocked so often anymore.
    Um.. I have been considering lately to buy a sort of funnel for ladies, a Brazilian invention called "Oh, girl !" 100% sylicone and adaptable to any body, so that you can pee while standing up. We go a lot for walks in the woods, my little daughter needs that !

  9. @Anita: That's a brilliant idea! I don't mind peeing in the woods... but in the middle of a field? Out in the open.... Let's all buy "Oh girl"!!