Saturday, 26 June 2010


Finaly!! We went sailing again.
We were planning it for ages, taking weekends off especially for sailing. But everytime there was something why we couldn't go. Boat needed repairing, or the weather was teribble!
But today was perfect! It was nice and warm, nice breeze, so the best place to be is on the water. Nice sun, great breeze...water...Simone Happy!
We took the boat out around 3.30pm. Which turned out to be a perfect moment, because the sailraces on the lake just ended. We sailed around a bit on the motor untill the lake was not as busy anymore, and then we pulled the sails up! Always a great moment. No motor, perfect silence... the only thing you'll hear is the sound of the wind playing with the sails. It's a magical moment...... it really is......

My boyfriend has started to enjoy sailing since he knows me and liking it more and more everytime he get's the chance to be on the boat. He is a great captain. He likes to steer the boat. He always liked it better when the motor was on, but since last year he starts liking sailing as well. Now he's figured out how it works with wind and sails and stuff, he actually likes it a lot. Since this was the first time this year, he had to get the feeling back a bit. After playing with the wind and watching the sails, I think he got it back again. Must be, because he had a wide grin on his face. These moments it's always difficult to persuade him to let some one else have a go as well. He loves it!

Hope there will be more great moments this summer, so we can take the boat out. Hopefully we can take loads of friends with us again as well. The traditional girls-day-out-on-the-boat is already planned!!!


  1. Wayhey!! You lucky things!! What a beautiful day to go sailing. So glad you enjoyed it so much, but I had to smile about Stu not wanting to give up the helm...that's a bit like the watery version of not giving up the TV remote control - It's a man thing ;-)

  2. :D I think you are right Vally!!! That must be it !

  3. I don't want to give up the helm because there might be something interesting on the lake.

  4. Ooooooh I'm jealous! I want a boat! I may stalk your house and follow you sometime. Is your boat big enough for stowaways? :P

  5. Hahaha, no it's not that big!!!
    So now you are going to stalk our house for cakes, cup cakes and sneaking into the car to the boat hihihi... We also have a tent, shall I take it out and put it on the grass outside our building? Then it's probably much easier to stalk ;P

  6. Yesss! I'm one of those lucky girls!
    Already looking forward to that day :)

  7. Oh yes you are M and we will be having a lot of fun again i'm sure of it!

  8. Hmmm, the boyfriend's comment sounds just a tad lame, I think, don't you Simone? He just wants to look cool in charge of the't say I blame him actually ;-)

  9. Beautiful photo and it sounds like a wonderful day out! I love the sounds of sails snapping in the wind! I hope you get to enjoy many more days like that!