Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy Birthday Tante Ied & Guido

Birthday cake for Guido and his aunt Ied.
Tante Ied turned 70, Guido 13 ... that's a bit of a challenge!
Guido wanted purple & green.
Well here you go!
Happy birthday to you two!

Cupcakes for the party as well.
Magic of the sea ...
Glitter away!
A bit difficult to spot, but the sparkles and pearls are there ;P


  1. I'm sure they were both very pleased with their cake! Beautiful! And so very tempting! I think a cupcake would go very nicely with my coffee this morning. ;)

  2. You are so creative that it's not even funny. I *LOVE* the mini seahorses! :-D

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. @Oranjeflamingo: What's your adress? Maybe I can mail it ;P
    @French bean & coffee bean: Thanks, I guess?? Hihihi!