Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Workshop cakes

My colleagues heard about my hobby, baking cakes & decorating....
so they wanted a workshop!
No problem!
So they all made a cake..
Pure art!!

This is the result:


  1. Those are all so pretty! The first one looks particularly nice now that we're moving into autumn! I love the little birdies in the third one, too.

  2. All of them indeed pretty.
    Once I have been into a workshop before a company party here in Holland. It was the end of the year party from my husband's job, and it was in a hotel. There were different workshops you could enroll to and "Taarten versieren en bonbons maken" seemed interesting for me. The patisseur showed us basically how to make flower petals and roses with marzipein. So I decided to make a magic/princess pie with flowers, butterflies and dragon flies. People in other groups decided to make pies decorated with, for example:

    1) black and grey mice;
    2) bikes, windmills and (???)... breasts ("as an hommage to all Dutch things");
    3)an Ajax pie.
    4) Action Man and pistols.

    Needless to say that most participants were male engineers (nerds) and found my pie boring. The Dutch patisseur found everything cool (of course) his "assistant" - an American expat - found everything disgusting and laughed all the time.

    I guess I would have learned more with YOUR workshop.
    Unfortunatelly at that time I didn't have a blog so I didn't take photos then.

  3. Thank you so much ladies! @Anita, i think we also would have had more fun! ;P

  4. Wow! They are all beautiful! You must be a great teacher!

  5. These are all so pretty, congratulations on your teaching skills and for your upcoming marriage. Maybe get your workmates to decorate the wedding cake? ... or maybe not!

  6. For some reason, the third cake reminds me of Twitter!

    (You honestly have such wonderful taste for choosing and combining colors!) :-)

    -Barb the French Bean

  7. @Vally: Nothing to do with me... I only showed them how they could do this... they made the cake decorations themselves! Can't wait till thursday, will be gezellig. Looking forward to see you both again!
    @Mickle in NZ: Thank you so much. Some parents wondered if maybe the kids could decorate the weddingcakes... (I do cupcake workshops with them all the time) But I have a lovely friend that decorates cakes as well, she's going to make the weddingcake :D
    @French Bean: Why does it I wonder.... must be the bird, right ;P
    Thanks for the compliment, but I had nothing to do with the colors, they came up with that themselves ;P !!!